Fr. Kevin Staley-Joyce –

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Office Manager:

Christina Roberts –

Christina does EVERYTHING. The Catholic Center survives because of Christina!!!

Campus Minister:

Claudio Hewgley –

His role involves orchestrating campus ministry projects, including retreats, fundraising, and outreach events.

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Director of Organizational Development:

Wesley Woods –

His role includes alumni engagement, advancement and long-term vision.

Pastoral Board:

The Catholic Center’s Pastoral Board, elected each spring, consists of undergraduate students who are responsible for planning events and fostering the community’s growth.

Contact them for help with the following:

General information on the CC or ways to get involved – Adam Streich

If you have an idea for an event or need help planning it – Darien Figueroa

Getting involved with service events (including the Back Bay Mobile Soup Kitchen) or an idea for a service project – Annaleigh Burgess

Helping out with fundraising efforts like Phonathon – Sarah Pham

Becoming a lector, Eucharistic Minister or Altar Server at Sunday Mass – Christian Arthur

FOCUS Missionaries:

The Catholic Center is blessed to have four FOCUS Missionaries!

The FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) Missionaries help students to grow in friendship with Jesus Christ. They evangelize on campus and help students at the Catholic Center deepen their faith and to go out and make disciples on campus.

Gian, Christina, Kathleen, and Darius!

Contact them at:

Gian Gonzalez –

Christina Verdi –

Kathleen Calvin –

Darius Iraj –