As beloved children of God, we strive to encounter our fellow students, to invite them to a personal relationship with Him and the Catholic family of BU. We seek for all to discover the dignity and intrinsic value of the human person created in the image and likeness of God, as we work to spread the joy of the Gospel.

We center ourselves on Church teaching and the sacraments, especially the Eucharist. We offer a variety of activities that engage students socially, spiritually, and intellectually within a supportive Catholic community anchored in Christ-centered fellowship.


Your partnership with the Catholic Center supports:

  • 400 students at Sunday Mass
  • 55 students in weekly Bible Study
  • 65+ students at weekly Spaghetti Supper
  • 90+ total attendees to semesterly retreats
  • Daily mass and weekly Eucharistic Adoration

Alumni of the Catholic Center continue to devote their lives to Christ as faithful parishioners, missionaries, parents or members of religious life. In the past eight years, eight Catholic Center Alumni have entered seminary to serve as diocesan priests.

“When I reflect back on my time at the BU Catholic Center, it’s evident to me that Jesus Christ is the heart of everything that goes on there. Daily Mass, confession, and Eucharistic Adoration are the source of life for the CC and all of the students that go there. For me, nothing but gratitude comes to mind when I think of the Catholic Center. The CC is where I grew immensely in my faith, received the grace of the sacraments, made my best friends in life, and most importantly, where God made known to me my vocation to the priesthood (God-willing I will be ordained in 2021!). For all of these gifts that I continue to receive, I am forever grateful.” – Robert LeBlanc (COM’13)

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