Daily Prayer & Rosary

Let’s face it. Everybody needs to talk to mom from time to time. Life is getting complicated, or you just flagged a quiz because you forgot to study, or maybe you’ve just been feeling lonely lately. Come out and spend a half hour with someone who knows exactly what you need and happens to have a great deal of influence with her omnipotent Son. Mary is every college student’s ally and friend. Don’t let this relationship slide!

Looking for more of a scheduled way to pray, daily prayer is your answer! Students meet up for 5 to 10 min and say prayers from a breviary (provided of course)! Come on down!

 Academic Year Schedule: Monday РThursday (*also on Friday)
10:00 am- Morning Prayer*
12:00 pm-Rosary

12:25 pm- Angelus*

6:00 pm- Evening Prayer

9:00 pm- Night Prayer