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Boston University Catholic Center

The Catholic Center is the place to be at Boston University if you're Catholic or interested in the Faith. For many students, it is a home away from home. The CC is a strong community of people looking to grow closer to God while forming genuine friendships. Check out one of our many events to get involved. The Catholic Center is a place to grow in your faith through the sacraments, service, various programming, and guidance of the campus ministers.
Christina Smith
Christina SmithMay 4th, 2016 at 8:52pm
Everyone prepare yourselves.
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Nico Quesada
Nico QuesadaMay 4th, 2016 at 4:42pm
When Father Barnes leaves...
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David Barnes
David BarnesMay 3rd, 2016 at 8:39pm
Hey All. Thursday May 5th is a Holy Day of Obligation, the Solemnity of the Ascension. We will have a Vigil Mass on Wednesday May 4th at 5pm and Mass on Thursday at 12:30pm Mass. Both Masses will be in the Catholic Center Chapel at 211 Bay State Road. Attending either Mass fulfills you obligation.
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Frank D
Frank DMay 3rd, 2016 at 5:33pm
Have the mass times for the Ascension been posted? Will they be held at Marsh or at the CC? Thanks guys. :-)
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Ben Castro
Ben CastroMay 2nd, 2016 at 4:24pm
It is with great sadness and profound thanks that I write for the last time—SQUAD,

We are being examined once more in a way that is final. This will necessitate the upmost preparation. To allow for this, the Catholic Center will be open until AT LEAST midnight beginning tonight and continuing on through this Thursday to allow for studying.

We’ll stick with the traditional rules: the CC should become more and more quiet as you climb higher and higher within the building. The basement and first floor with be for social studiers who are likely avoiding the eventuality of finals by procrasti-snacking and playing with small twigs; the offices on the second floor will be for raves and dancing, except you must be single, ordained, and approaching a mid-life crisis to enter; the third floor is for the rather serious studiers who will lightly lob small items (erasers, gumdrops, holy medallions ,etc.) at you if you speak around them; and lastly, the fourth floor will be for the broken and insular, most likely clinging to the dim hope of academically surviving the next four days so that they can “just move on and forget about this week.” These people are tense, violent, and on the brink of hallucinations, so make sure to be extra-quiet on the fourth floor.

Last, but not least, the one Chief Shepherd, Sure Apostle, and High Priest of our religion (and the whole world) will be lingering around the building and the Chapel to answer any prayers of desperation which, after this week, most likely stem from your recently renewed appreciation of His Mercy.

As always, He would like to remind us that our knowledge of base elements, market-trends, apostrophe placements, and moving parts will NOT be on His final exam. Everything else will be doe.

Four more days, folks. You’re almost there.

Fellow seniors, Jesus changed his career path at 30. You have plenty of time to tease out your own.

Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshman, figure it out soon because you’re running out of time.

As a last word of wisdom, I’d like to say that if there’s anything I’ve learned in my four years here, it is that Pj Herrera often makes truck noises in his sleep.

Good luck homies.

Offering four years of thanks,
Pope Futurum
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